The high-tech facials Jennifer Lawrence, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Sienna Miller get before hitting the red carpet

Here’s how to get that awards season glow.

As stars hit the red carpet at the Oscars tomorrow the world will tune in to witness a spectacle of incredible couture dresses paired with dewy, dazzling skin.

But how do celebrities get that awards season glow?

While they’ll often attribute their dewy complexion to the simple formula of “water and a good night’s sleep”, the reality is there are armies of skin doctors and facialists working behind-the-scenes of any red carpet event to help the A-list tighten, brighten and perfect those pores.

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Super Serum Advance+

How these face-changing ‘super serums’ can be your one quick step to better-looking skin.

Whenever experts get on to ‘step four’ of their skincare ‘regimen’, I have to stop them. Not only is the word ‘regimen’ a uniquely joy-sapping Americanism that can only ever be spoken in a Californian whine, but step three is as far as I’ll go with daily skincare.

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