Fat dissolving injections have been used successfully  since 1998 to treat unwanted, stubborn fat deposits all over the body (including double chin) and represent a real alternative to surgical liposuction. The main component of fat dissolving injections is Deoxycholic acid, which breaks the fat cells and the broken-down tissues then eliminated naturally via lymphatic system, liver and kidneys. This treatment is performed by one of our expert doctors and subject to consultation.

Fat dissolving infections are an excellent treatment for those with stubborn, localised fat. Please note that fat dissolving injection is a body contouring treatment, not a weight loss solution. The best results observed on small, localised areas of fat. Patients should be already be within one stone of their ideal weight. For larger areas such as rolls on the stomach we recommend fat freezing and for overall reduction of an entire area we recommend inch loss in conjunction with healthy diet and exercising.



The Cosmetic Doctor Clinic located in Windsor is the perfect choice for anyone looking to enhance their natural beauty, with fat dissolving injections. 

The clinic is renowned for its highly skilled staff and its commitment to providing the highest quality of care. All treatments are tailored to the individual needs of each patient and are designed to help them achieve their desired aesthetic, so if you are looking for a Cosmetic doctor in the outer London area to provide you with your fat dissolving injections, we can guarantee you we will be able to provide the services you require. 

The clinic also prides itself on its use of cutting-edge technology and its state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring that patients receive the best possible results. Furthermore, the clinic’s competitive prices in the Windsor area make it a great choice for anyone wanting to look and feel their best without breaking the bank. With its commitment to providing excellent service and top-notch results, the Cosmetic Doctor Clinic, Windsor, is the ideal choice for anyone looking to enhance their appearance through fat dissolving injections. 


  • Double chin (submental fat under chin)
  • Lower and upper abdomen
  • Fat on the back : “Bra rolls”
  • Love handles
  • Flanks and waist
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Area under the buttocks
  • Bingo wings
  • Fat knees / fat above knees
What areas can be treated with fat dissolving injections


  • Prior the procedure you will have a consultation with one of our doctors. If you are deemed suitable for treatment and wish to proceed, then treatment can be done on the same day as consultation, or you can book a future appointment.
  • On the day of treatment, the area to be treated is marked out. The Fat dissolving solution (Aqualyx or Celluform) is mixed with an anaesthetic solution before injection for your comfort.
  • Several injections are administered to ensure the treated area of fat to be removed is fully covered.
  • After the  procedure, you will experience swelling /redness of the skin, some bruising. The area will feel tender for 7 – 10 days and appear swollen for this time.
  • The best results are 4 – 6 weeks, once body metabolised and eliminated the destroyed fat tissues.
  • You will require two or three treatments, with improvement normally becoming visible after the second treatment. Time between sessions: usually four weeks  (for double chin six weeks)



The benefits of fat dissolving injections are that they are a relatively fast and simple procedure with minimal downtime, and they can provide noticeable results in just a few weeks. 

Fat dissolving injections can help improve the contours of the body, reduce the appearance of dimples, and give the skin a smoother and more even tone. Additionally, they can help reduce the amount of fat in the body, which can help people achieve a more toned and sculpted physique. 

At Cosmetic Doctor Clinic, Windsor our fat dissolving injections can be combined with other treatments such as massage therapy, for even better results.

fat dissolving before/after example
fat dissolving before/after example

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If you have any questions about any of our treatments please don’t hesitate to contact us. We have a range of knowledge and experience that means we deliver the correct treatment your need.