In the past, it was believed that laser hair treatment would not be as effective for men because of the thicker skin and coarser hair to compare to women. However, improvements in the light technologies have made the procedure more effective for men. In fact, it can even be used on facial hair so that men no longer need to shave daily. If they choose to have this done, however, they should be sure about it since the treatment is permanent and the hair will not grow back.

The areas that can be treated include the chin, neck and sideburns. For the body, laser hair treatment can be applied to the back, chest, arms and legs, and even the groin. Yes, these days, men are also going for the male version of a Brazilian wax and having their ‘bikini lines’ treated.

IPL and Laser hair removal considered to be safe and virtually painless. They work by focusing a laser beam at the base of the hair follicle, altering hair growth.  While one visit will result in a lot of hair removal, it takes about 5 visits each one month apart to kill as much as 70% of the hair. Hair grows in cycles so you want to make sure you get as much of it as possible. Book your FREE consultation with the Doctor to find out if this procedure is suitable for you.

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